Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sh'maya @ Ronnie Scotts June '11

Don't be put off the by the quality of this vid. Sh'maya is a beautifully lyrical and musical poet. And with musicians Simon Wallace on Piano, Winston Clifford on Drums and Davide Mantovani on Bass, his work paints so many pictures....

He takes it a step further.
Pheonix Solo - breath, rhythm, word, fire...

Pheonix Lyrics

From the ink of the strain
From the pain of the prayer
From the pain of the Word

The Word will rise
From the breath of the page
To the rains of the city
To the rains of the gasp

When you gasp in me
When you pass through the desert
When you parch when you thirst

A colour

I will come to you in the night
On the flight of the birds
That burst from the cusp of my words

Those who thirst

I will fashion the flight of the bird
The passion thirst

I will fashion your passions
From the ashes that clothe you

I am the poem that wakes the blaze in you

The blaze

Written by Sh'maya©

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